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      Established in 1949 and affiliated with Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Jincheng Corporation is a large enterprise group engaged in five industries, i.e., mechatronic and hydraulic industry, light power industry, vehicle industry, international trade industry and production service industry. Jincheng Corporation is a hi-tech enterprise, a model enterprise of CIMS Project of the “National 863 Program” and a national “contract-abiding by and credit-emphasizing” enterprise. The brand “Jincheng”, with the value of RMB 3.109 billion Yuan, is “Chinese Famous Trademark”.
     Having begun with aviation industry, Jincheng Corporation is a backbone enterprise in Chinese aviation industry and takes the lead at home with its mechatronic and hydraulic technology. In 2001, based on the union between Jincheng Corporation and another large powerful enterprise, China Research Institute of Aero-Accessories,the two parties established the new Jincheng Corporation and in the meantime, established and put into construction Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems, Jincheng, AVIC (hereinafter referred to as “Nanjing Institute”). Nanjing Institute formally opened for production in November, 2005. It is the scientific research and production center of mechatronic and hydraulic engineering as well as the technology-related non-aero products development center of China’s aviation industry and military industry system. Its products are widely used for airborne integrated mechatronic control system, environment control system, hydraulic manipulation system, fuel system, the secondary power system and power source drive system. Besides, it also possesses core technologies and products, such as in-flight refueling technology, constant speed drive unit, emergency power installation, integrated environment system, fuel-managing system for airplanes, hydraulic energy source and actuating machine system and ground manipulating system for airplanes. And several of its technologies are completely new at home. At present, it is researching and developing light aviation power, which has great market potential.
    Jincheng Corporation's mechatronic and hydraulic technologies are widely applied in military industry system. Besides, Jincheng Corporation has also developed a series of civil hydraulic engineering products, such as high-pressure vane pump, hydraulic capstan, electric capstan as well as lifting and rotating unit. And its high-pressure vane pumps are exported to North America and other countries and regions.
    Jincheng Group light power industry mainly engages in the research, development and production of aviation piston engine below the propelling force of 500Hp, turbofan engine and turbojet engine below the propelling force of 500daN, and ground gas turbine below 1MW class. Its industrial purpose is to form a military and civil product industrial chain focusing on light power and build an aviation light power industrial base; to become a leading light power and derived power product market at home and an international well-known light power engineering center
    The vehicle industries of Jincheng Corporation include motorcycle industry, electric bicycle industry, and automobile parts industry and so on. Its motorcycle industry was established at the late 1970s. For almost thirty years, Jincheng Corporation has been collecting funds at home and cooperating with overseas enterprises. It extensively cooperated and jointly invested with Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation and Italian Piaggio Group. Gradually, it has developed into a backbone enterprise of Chinese motorcycle industry and is outstanding in the research, development and production of motorcycles. Besides, it has created many “Firsts” during its development course. It is the first enterprise having exported motorcycle manufacturing technology; it has established the first Chinese motorcycle joint venture in South America; it is the first enterprise in this industry having developed high-end products together with European enterprises and the first one having established cooperative relationship of European enterprises… Jincheng Corporation is an inspection-exempted motorcycle-exporting enterprise. The brand “Jincheng” is one of the most famous Chinese motorcycle brands in overseas market and Jincheng Motorcycle was awarded the title “Major Bred and Supported Export Brand” by Ministry of Commerce.
     In the field of automobile parts, Jincheng Corporation and ZF Lenksysteme GmbH of Germany jointly established a joint venture, which produces and sells more than one million automobile steering pumps per year. And its products are mainly used as the supporting products of Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen of No.1 Automobile Factory of China, Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation Group and other famous automobile manufacturers.
     The export scale of Jincheng Corporation's International Trade Division has already reached 0.2 billion US dollars. Every year, almost 600, 000 motorcycles are exported to more than 70 countries and regions and the foreign exchangeearned through export has been taking the lead in Chinese motorcycle industry. Possessing independent right for overseas operation, foreign trade right and right of foreign affairs, Jincheng Imp & Exp Co., Ltd has established many overseas joint ventures, such as Jincheng De Colombia S.A, Jincheng West Africa Co., Ltd, and established offices in many countries and regions.
     Located in a treasure place, the center of Nanjing City, Jincheng Corporation has highly favorable conditions for its development of the tertiary industry, namely service industry. In recent years, “Jin-RT-Mart  Warehouse-style Supermarket”, “Jinlongpan Residential Community” and “Jincheng Business Community” funded and established by Jincheng Corporation, and “Yuexing Furniture” and “Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant” brought in by it have all produced considerable economic and social benefits. At present, Jincheng Science & Technology Mansion with a total floor space of 66, 000 square meters has been topped out and the development of Nanjing Jincheng Aviation Science & Technology Pioneer Park, which is regarded as an important science & technology industry park by China Aviation Industry Corporation I and People’s Government of Nanjing, is already in the stage of planning.
     Creating advantage through internal cohesion and external cooperation and looking ahead, Jincheng Corporation will strive to develop into an international first-rate enterprise in meachatronic and hydraulic industry, the largest domestic development base for light power, one of the top ten enterprises of vehicle industry and strategically upgrade from “Jincheng of China” to “Jincheng of the World” so as to develop into a multinational enterprise group which takes the lead at home and enjoys world-wide fame.