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Piston Engine for Powered Paraglider
      Jincheng Group combining NIRVANA Company of Czech Republic has developed successfully water-cooled piston engine used by JCV200 powered paraglider, and passed the test flight in recent day. JCV200 type piston engine is the first water-cooled 4-stroke piston engine equipped to powered paraglider, and its power is about 22Hp with advantage of advanced technology, low fuel consumption and low cost. JCV200 type piston engine having very strength international competition can be used as power of extra light-type craft such as powered paraglider etc. JCV200 type piston engine has large market potential of military use, sports, civil use, and rest and amusement market.
Main Performance:
Type of Structure: Single Cylinder, Four Stroke
Cooling:Water Cooling
Fuel consumption:354g / kw·h