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Star Type Piston Engine with Super Charg

     The star type piston engine with super charger is developed by JCV Motor s.r.o (JCV). The flight altitude of this type engine can reach above 6000m (with super charger). This type engine adopts the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) with the advantage of big torque, controlled fuel supply, low fuel consumption, without reduction gear, light weight, low price and selective charger etc. This type engine can be used to individual-dual seat light craft, rotaplane, double cabin wheeled type powered paraglider, two person rest type helicopter, agricultural medicines spraying plane, hover marine and ventilator (metro station, tunnel and sewer etc.).

Main Performance:
Type of Structure:     Star Type,Three Cylinder, Four Stroke
Power:68Hp@ 2850rpm
Cooling: Air Cooling