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QD11 Type 1MW Class Gas Turbine
     QD11 Type 1MW Class Gas Turbine developed by Jincheng Group combining Shenyang Engine Design Research Institute, Chinese Gas Turbine Research Institute, Engineering Thermophysical Institute of Academy of Sciences of China, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Shanghai  Jiaotong University is an IMW class industrial small gas turbine supported by advanced energy key project of “National 863 Program” having  own intellectual property of our country.
      QD11 Type 1MW Class Gas Turbine is the core power device of distributed power supply system. It is also used to the power generation, water flooding, air injection, oil vapor pipe-line transportation, air lifting oil extraction and heat supply of land oil vapor field and platform marine etc; In addition, it is also used as power of boat and ship.
Main Performance:
Adapt to A Variety of Fuel (Natural Gas, Diesel Fuel etc.)
Output Power: 1180Kw
Thermal Efficiency 27%