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Jincheng Made his Appearance in Zhuhai Exhibition
     The 7th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition was officially opened on November 4, 2008 in Zhuhai. In this exhibition, the products such as air-refueling nacelle, emergency power unit and combustion turbine starter etc. manufactured by Jincheng Nanjing Mechanics-electronics-hydraulics Engineering Research Center were making their appearance gorgeously showing the powerful strength of Jincheng in the field of aero mechanics-electronics-hydraulics. The aviation piston engine and MW class gas turbine exhibited by Jincheng Light Power Division and performed powered paraglider demonstration displaying the rapid progress in the light power industry.
    This exhibition is a debut of China Aviation Industry Corporation as a whole, and the public display for a series of advanced fighters such as J-10 jet fighter, aerial refueling aircraft and “Xiao Long” jet fighter etc. making the stands of China Aviation Industry Corporation more attractive for the public. In addition, the air-refueling nacelle and emergency power unit etc. of Jincheng Group matched with above-mentioned aircrafts attracted more attention of the public.
    In this exhibition, the Jincheng Light Power Division displayed not only three types of aviation piston engine, but also one type of MW class gas turbine model in the course of development, and invited Nirvana Company, its partner of Czech Republic, to perform a wonderful flight demonstration of powered paraglider.
   The powered paraglider displayed in the exhibition can be equipped with two types of piston engine such as JCV270 and 133MK. These two type engines can be used to light-type craft, pilotless plane, hover marine, construction ventilation and fire-fighting equipments etc., and among them the JCV200 type piston engine, water cooled 4-stroke, is of a first water cooled 4-stroke and 4-valve piston engine equipped to powered paraglider in the world developed recently by Jincheng with advantage of high cost ratio, good performance and environmental protection.
   Mr. Pavel who performed the powered paraglider demonstration in this exhibition has participated in the Championships of Czech, Europe and World for many times, and won the individual championship of Championships of Czech, individual second place of Championships of Europe. He also retains the world record of 60.13 km/h of flight velocity. The national team of Czech Republic led by Mr. Pavel won the championship of Championships of Europe and second place of World Championships. In the course of two days of flight demonstration, November 4 -5, his superb flight skill caused a sensation.