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2008 Jincheng motorcycles passed through
      On April 26, 2008, when 12 Jincheng brand AX100 motorcycles arrived successfully at National Stadium of Kano State of Nigeria, “2008 Jincheng motorcycle through Nigeria motorcycle race” lasting a week through six regions of Nigeria, nearly 2000km terminated successfully. This motorcycle race began on April 21, 2008 from Lagos, economical Capital of Nigeria, via Ilorin, Bida, Mina and Kaduna, finally arrived at terminus Kano.
      Mr. Guo kun, consul general of China in Lagos presented at ceremony of first station departure and received the interview of media. The National Television Station of Nigeria, Television Station of Lagos State and local newspapers etc. reported this motorcycle race.
Since Jincheng entered into motorcycle market of Nigeria in 1997, the total sales has increased continuous and occupied half of the country becoming one of the famous brands known to every family of Nigeria.