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    NanJing Jincheng Software Co., Ltd.
      Established in 2001, NanJincheng Jincheng Software co.,Ltd. is specialized in the development of manufacturing industry’s informatization application software and relative consultant service. The company can provide ERP, PDM etc. software products and total solution of enterprise informatization to the enterprise.
     The company is a software enterprise approved by the State and a manufacturing industry’s informatization consultant service unit approved by the Science and Technology Department of Government of Jingsu Province and the Science and Technology Bureau of Government of Nanjing City and a specially authorized member of Microsoft for Partners.
     The company director and partial business backbones are from Jincheng Group Information Center, and they have created proud achievements for Jincheng Group informatization construction.
     In 1998, Jincheng CIMS first-stage engineering project was awarded “First Prize of Science and Technology Improvement of Jiangsu Province”;
     In 1999, being appraised as the leading enterprise in the application of CIMS in China, only one in 1998 appraised by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information Industry and Ministry of State Economic and Trade Commission;
     In April 2000, the company was awarded “Second Prize of Innovation Result for State Level Enterprise Management Modernization”
     In 2000, Jincheng CIMS major application demonstration engineering has passed the certification of national 863/CIMS subject expect group;
     In February 2001, the company representing 210 enterprises of whole country which performed CIMS engineering participated “15th Anniversary Achievements Exhibition of 863 Program” in Beijing and won high praise of leaders of Ministry of Science and Technology and 863 program experts.
     Since recent years, at the same time in combination with multiple colleges and universities, the company has recruited a number of outstanding graduate students and undergraduates from these colleges and universities into the research and development teams of company. A lot of professional informatization service echelons have been established in the company such as specialty of design, development, technical support, consultation, project performance, network management and hardware maintenance etc. The company has absorbed continuously the essence of excellent management softwares at home and abroad aiming to provide software products of quality and professional consultant service for enterprise.
     NanJincheng Jincheng Software co.,Ltd. growing up in its enterprise and giving service to its enterprise, has an outstanding design team with overall point of view, highly skilled development team, implement team with rich experience, effective implement methods and service idea of clients first.