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    Jincheng Motorcycle Sales Co., Ltd.
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       Established in april 1995, Jincheng Motorcycle Sales Co., Ltd. is a joint venture invested by Nanjing Jincheng Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jincheng Corporation etc. 29 companies. Its main business is involved in sale, after sale service, testing and consultation of Jincheng motocycle, engine and relative spare parts etc. In recent years, the company insists on the idea of famous brand and economies of scale, and its progress is very fast forming a large sales network throughout 29 provinces and autonomous regions of our country composed by more than 2000 distributing units, 280 Jincheng monopoly stores and 630 authorized repair stations. In every region, there are high quality sales and repair persons who are responsible to represent the company for sales and repair of Jincheng motorcycles in these regions. Up to present, more than 4 million of Jincheng motorcycles with different models and displacements have been sold in our country.

      The company has established a complete information feedback system for customer information, quality information and various other informations, and established a computer trace system for vehicle number. In addition, the company has established the file for all Jincheng customers. In the respect of customer service, the company commits oneself to not go beyond the limit of 24 hours for letters reply, complaint handling, service completed, spare parts supply realized, buy by mail and send by post. For the requirments of customer, the principle “immediate performance” should be throughout the complete course of service. Now the company is in course of transformation from product competition to service competition, its final object is, based on 100% satisfaction of Jincheng customers, to expand the market share of Jincheng brand motorcycles continuously. Therefore, letting all Jincheng customers be able to receive best quality service of before sale, sale and after sale has become the aspiration of every sale, maintenance and management personnel of our company.