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    Nanjing Jincheng Motorcycle Co., Ltd
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       Nanjing Jincheng Motorcycle Co., Ltd, the registered capital of which is RMB 80 million, is a subsidiary of Jincheng Group, its controlling shareholder. It formally began production in September, 1997. With an annual designing capacity of 200,000 motorcycles, it is responsible for manufacturing motorcycles of the model using the technology transferred by Jincheng Group and Japan Suzuki Motor Corporation. At present, its four styles of “Suzuki” brand motorcycles, namely SJ50QT、SJ110、SJ125T、SJ125 and “Suzuki” GF 125   engine using state-of-the-art technology are deeply favored by the domestic and overseas markets as well as the consumers for their high quality, outstanding performance and novel styles. 
       The company now has a group of professional high quality employees, who are technically skilled, good at management and knowledgeable. All the employees have accepted the technological training and research of Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation.