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    Kaile Special Vehicles Co., Ltd
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      Kaile Special Vehicles Co., Ltd., Anhui Province was initiated and established jointly by Kaile Motor Vehicles
Co., Ltd., Anhui, and Liyuan Investment Co., Ltd., Hefei on December 28, 2006. On December 27, 2007, the China
Aviation Industry Corporation 1, Jincheng Corporation and Kaile Special Vehicles  Co., Ltd., Anhui signed an
agreement of
cooperation, under which Jincheng Corporation became the largest shareholder of Kaile Special
Vehicles  Co., Ltd. with a stock ratio of 35%.
      Kaile Special Vehicles  Co., Ltd. Anhui is the only enterprise engaged in car retrofitting in northern Anhui Province, as well as one of the three largest enterprises engaged in car retrofitting in Anhui Province. The company owns a
registered capital of 132650 thousand Yuan (RMB) and a total asset of one billion, and covers an area of 426
thousand square meters.
      The company now has more than 1500 employees, of whom 366 have a diploma at the level of the secondary
vocational school, college and above, and more than 150 are engineering technicians. Along with the research and
development, manufacturing and sales of special purpose vehicles as its major business, the company specializes in producing and retrofitting “Kaile” semitrailer, van, container truck, dump truck, tank car, car carrier and
environmental and sanitary car, etc. 
      The company has three subsidiaries, i.e. Kaile Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., Fuyang, Kaile Chengcheng
Automobile Trade Service Co., Ltd., Fuyang and Kaile Special Automobile Co., Ltd., Hefei.