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      In October 2007, Jincheng Group has established the cooperation relationship with Verner Motor s.r.o of Czech Republic, and formed JCV Motor s.r.o (JCV). The establishment of JCV has created the favorable condition for the research and development technology of Jincheng piston type small aero engine forging ahead toward the international advanced level, laid the foundation for the entrance into international market of Jincheng piston type small aero engine and made a substantial step for the development of Jincheng aviation light power industry.
     Verner Motor s.r.o of Czech Republic has more than 20 years history engaged mainly in the research, development and production of aviation piston engine having the registered trademark of “Verner Motor”.
     Its main products have 133MK series and Scarlett series, both 4-stroke, among them, 133MK is of 2 cylinder, ripe technology, be able to make batch-type production; among Scarlett series, there are 3, 5 and 7 cylinder products, in the course of research $ development, verification or trial operation. These products cover the power range of 120-190 Hp, power-weight ratio between 1-2.2, mainly used to supply the power for manned light-type craft and hover marine etc.