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      Production service has been another important industry that Jincheng Group has energetically developed in recent years.
      Jincheng Group owns precious land resources in Nanjing and Xiangfan, Hubei Province. Its major plant area is situated at the confluence of East Zhongshan Road and Eastern City- Trunk, Nanjing, covering an area of nearly 400 thousand square meters. With convenient communications around, the plant area enjoys an obvious regional advantage. This “Golden treasure land” in downtown Nanjing has created unparalleled precious resources for Jincheng to develop its service industry as tertiary industry.
      Through development of many years, Jincheng has formed a good commercial atmosphere of tertiary service industry around its plot in the urban area of Nanjing, having successfully completed such projects as Jin-RT-Mart Supermarket, Jinlongpan Office Building and Jinlongpan Residential Building one after another. In addition, Jincheng has formed a batch of characteristic and influential commercial projects such as Yuexing Furniture Store and Dongjiang Seafood Restaurant in succession through business and lease promotion. Jincheng Science & Technology Mansion built in 2008 covers a total area of up to 66 thousand square meters. With a height of nearly 100 meters, it has become the new landmark building of Jincheng. On the plot of Jincheng located at No. 518, East Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, the Commercial Center of Aviation Science and Technology and the Jincheng Aviation Science and Technology Park will be built, and an international platform of commercial cooperation and communication will be formed with aviation characteristics incorporating scientific research, international cooperation, finance, trade, media, exhibition and conference-service, supportive living facilities and modern service industry, by bringing in first-rate Chinese and foreign aviation research and development institutions.

Jinlongpan Office Building


Jin-RT-Mart Supermarket


Yuexing Furniture Store