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    For thirty years, the motor vehicle industry of Jincheng has gradually developed to be the backbone enterprise in the Chinese motorcycle industry through extensive joint venture cooperation with enterprises at home and abroad, from technology introduction to joint development to independent innovation. It has formed such industries as motorcycle, auto spare parts, universal gasoline engine and electric bicycle. In addition, it has created many firsts in the process of development in the Chinese motorcycle industry: the first to export the manufacturing technology to foreign countries; building the first Chinese motorcycle joint venture in South America; the first to jointly research and develop high-end products with European enterprises in the same industry; the first to establish cooperation relationship with European enterprises……

     In the field of auto spare parts, the joint venture between Jincheng and German ZF Group boasts an annual production and sale scale of auto power steering pump of more than one million units(per year), with its products matching famous auto manufacturers such as German Volkswagen, Faw Volkswagen and Shanghai Auto Group.